Fun activities


We have games, worksheets, activities and videos for parents to
download which are aimed to support primary school children of all ages to make learning about fruit,
vegetables and healthy eating fun and interesting. 

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Taste & Try

Do you know that our taste buds can develop over time? As children, we can train our taste buds by exposing them to different foods. Over time we develop liking for certain healthy foods. This way we can expand our palette and add many new foods to our diet. If we introduce a healthy diet, full of delicious fruit and vegetables from an early age we can develop our taste buds to like many different nutritious foods as we grow older.

There is lots of evidence to show that the more we taste a food, the more we learn to like it. It can range from from just a few tastes of a food, to 15 or more tries to learn to like something. It ranges per individual child and it also depends on the type of food. That is why the Food Dudes programme gives every child an opportunity to try a new fruit and vegetable at least 4 times, over the course of the Food Dudes programme. This ensures that everyone gets the opportunity to learn to like new varieties of fruits and vegetables.

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