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Welcome to Food Dudes Fun at Home!

Schools might be temporarily closed but we are bringing our Food Dudes fun to your home!
We have games, worksheets and videos for parents to
download for primary school children of all ages to make learning about fruit,
vegetables and healthy eating fun.
Each week new resources, in Irish and English, will be added. 
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Food Dudes Fun Activities

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Eat Well Be Well

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed the importance of healthy eating on improving overall health. Eating nutritious food also ensures that we have the ability to build a strong immune system to fight off illness. In the current climate we need to do all we can to stay healthy. There are many ways we can stay healthy and these ‘ingredients’ can be found in our activity ‘The Recipe for Healthy Living’. This recipe looks at what we eat, how we stay active, how we take time out for ourselves and how we interact with others. 

Let’s take a look at closer look at all aspects of a healthy life!

Let's take a look!