What is Food Dudes?

Food Dudes is an award winning curriculum-linked evidence-based healthy eating programme, developed to encourage children to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. It is based on repeated tastings of fresh fruit and vegetables, rewards and positive role models.
A new and improved programme is now being rolled out in schools and includes new varieties of fruits and vegetables, additional tasting days, new eco-friendly rewards, and new supporting materials including DVD and bilingual activities

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Is it making a difference?

Yes!! The Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme brings about significant change and improvement in childrens’ eating habits. The programme effectively increases provision and consumption of fruits and vegetables at home and in school both in the short- and long-term.

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Food Dudes is making an impact

Creating positive experiences with food at an early age helps children make more informed food choices in later life. Our evaluations show that Food Dudes school-based intervention in Phase 1 accompanied with parental/guardian support during Phase 2 is considered a practical approach to promote healthful eating at an early age.

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Who’s met the Food Dudes?

To date, over 3,300 primary schools and almost ONE MILLION pupils have successfully participated in the Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme. Find out who the Food Dudes are helping now, and see if your school is their next stop!

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