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A project such as Food Dudes can generate a huge amount of enthusiasm in schools. It can be useful to use Food Dudes as a stimulus to fire the children’s interest and imagination and focus this to achieve other educational aims. Food Dudes can be used as a tool to engage children in work in many curriculum areas.

Suggestions for using the Food Dudes theme in class have been related to objectives from the Primary School Curriculum. Some suggestions can be used to develop a lesson or series of lessons which fulfil the objective(s). Other suggestions can form brief lessons or may be used incidentally in class to contribute towards a particular strand unit or topic.

It is up to each teacher to use his/her professional judgement to decide how best to fulfil the requirements of the curriculum and the individual requirements of his/her class.

All of the following are in PDF format.

SPHE Science Drama
Geography English Visual Arts

Lesson Ideas:




This programme is managed by Bord Bia and receives financial support from the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine and the European Union through the School Fruit Scheme.

Bord Bia: Irish Food Board
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