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Parent Testimonials

“I thought it was a great idea, at least Alan tasted different fruit & veg instead of saying ‘I don't like them’ without tasting them. He has definitely improved on eating more fruit since the programme. It was a fantastic programme & great prizes for tasting.”

“It has encouraged my child to try different fruit & veg. As a result she now eats fruit & veg she wouldn't have eaten before. Also rather than just fruit going in her lunch box we now include veg every day, especially as we have our special containers for them.”
“The Food Dudes Programme was a fantastic idea. The children previously ate the fruit and veg because they HAD to. They now eat it because they WANT to.”
“The Food Dudes project is an excellent scheme and a brilliant incentive for encouraging children to eat more fruit and vegetables. The rewards involved bring a fun element which means it becomes enjoyable for them rather than a chore! As result Katie is far more conscious of the variety of fruit & veg suitable for bringing to school especially with the little Food Dudes lunch boxes which are filled every day”
“Before the Food Dudes programme my kids would never have brought raw carrots or salad or any other type of raw veg in for fear of being different, but because of the Food Dudes programme, other children make no big deal about it anymore. My children have always eaten lots of fruit and veg anyway. Since the programme they have got to like raw peppers and tomatoes.”
“I believe the benefits will be seen for some time to come. My daughter will look at lots of fruit & veg that interest her in the supermarket and is open to trying untried tastes, it’s not always liked but I welcome the end of her point blank refusal to try something different. Also it has made her aware of the importance of fruit & veg, vegetables particularly, and I often hear her saying so to friends & cousins. I am very glad this programme was introduced”
“The Food Dudes project was a great idea because my child will now eat fruit and vegetables that she never ate before. She now wants to bring fruit & veg to school whereas before it was hard to get her to take any at all. She even tries new ones. Thanks Food Dudes!!”


This programme is managed by Bord Bia and receives financial support from the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine and the European Union through the School Fruit Scheme.

Bord Bia: Irish Food Board
European Union
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food
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