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Who are the Food Dudes?

Charlie, Tom, Raz and Rocco are four super-heroes who gain special powers by eating their favourite fruit and veg. Eating these nutritious foods helps them feed the Life Force, so they can beat the Junk Punks and save the Earth.


Iím Charlie and no-one messes with me.

Every time you eat fruit and veg you are making the Life Force stronger, and keeping yourself strong and healthy. Did you see our adventure in the supermarket? It was close but we really canned General Junk in the end. Itís great going to shops and supermarkets Ė they have lots of different kinds of fruit and veg for you and your family to try. Keep eating fruit and veg so we can make sure that the Life Force will never be destroyed.

Be a winner Ė eat veg for your dinner! I get my fantastic powers from eating carrots.





Iím Tom, Iím the brains of the gang.

They call me Tom-8-0, because I can do 80 sums in one minute! I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. They increase my brain power and help me come up with great plans to deal with villains. I eat fruit and vegetables whenever I can and you should too; in school, at home and when youíre playing with your friends.

Did you see us outwit Miss Demeanour?
We really had her foiled! Weíre much too clever for her and you can be clever too: eating fruit and vegetables is the smart thing to do.

Follow the rule and youíll always be cool Ė eat fruit and veg! Tomatoes give me my fantastic powers.



Iím Razz, Iím the fittest member of the gang.

I can outrun General Junk any day of the week. When Iím not tackling the Junk Punks I love hanging out in the Dude Den and listening to boy bands. Charlie likes dance music but Rocco thinks rock is the only music in the world. Have you seen our adventure on the farm? That was really cool Ė those Junk Punks didnít stand a chance.

Farms are really great places because lots of our favourite fruit and vegetables are grown there.



Eat your fruit and give the Junk Punks the boot! My fantastic powers come from raspberries, theyíre my favourite fruit.


Iím Rocco, I crack the jokes.

Did you know Tomís nickname is Tom-8-0? Itís because he can do 80 sums in 1 minute, but I think thereís another reason (try saying it quickly!). Eating fruit and vegetables keeps you healthy, so you can enjoy playing sport.

They helped me be a good footballer and they can help you too. Did you see me win the match against Master Disaster? Weíre never going to let him be promoted (who would want to be a Major Disaster anyway??)

Eat your veg and keep the Junk Punks on edge! My favourite vegetable is broccoli, it gives me my fantastic powers!


The Food Dudes

Together weíre the Food Dudes and weíre the coolest gang around! We love eating fruit and vegetables: they taste great, and if you eat them as part of a balanced diet you canít go wrong. Theyíre good for your skin and hair, and give you all the nutrients you need to be strong and healthy, and they give you protection against many illnesses.

Itís easy to eat more fruit and vegetables, look around the supermarket there are so many varieties to choose from, and everyone can find something they like. Remember itís good to eat lots of different types of fruit and vegetables, and itís important to try new ones, you can be surprised at how nice they are.

Itís up to you to help us keep a look out for the Junk Punks: we canít let them destroy the Life Force. If you keep feeding your Life Force, you can be a Food Dude too.

Keep eating those fruit and veg at home and school and help the Food Dudes rule! Itís up to all of us to keep the Life Force strong.











































This programme is managed by Bord Bia and receives financial support from the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine and the European Union through the School Fruit Scheme.

Bord Bia: Irish Food Board
European Union
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food
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